On or Off Campus?

A client came to MOB with a desire to explore the option of moving their office away from a hospital campus. Feedback received was that patients were finding it difficult to locate the clinic and the client was paying an unnecessary premium for being on campus. Additionally, there was a need for greater visibility, ease of access and reduced overhead.

We began our search with three primary focal points: finding a location with visibility from major streets, a location closer to their primary patient base and a reduction in rent. From hundreds of available spaces, MOB narrowed the options to properties that fit the strict criteria – projects that provided building signage on major streets with ease of access.

During our negotiations we were met with several obstacles to overcome. One in particular was the city requirement for medical parking being 6.67:1,000. Unknowingly to the city planners, there is not one class A off campus medical building in this city that could accommodate this parking requirement without some creative solutions. The ultimate solution came from a property that had other existing tenants in the project not using their allotted parking, thus giving us the surplus we needed to pass through the city in compliance.

MOB provided this client with a highly visible location within close proximity to their target patient base, saved them a significant amount of money in the process, and delivered a brand new built out facility paid for by the landlord. The client is now in position for ultimate success.

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