Group Practice Desires Better Location for Patients

One of our existing clients knew from the beginning of the process that they were not happy with one of their older locations due to lack of parking and their patients having a difficult time finding the building within the office condominium style complex.

While we may have been able to solve the parking problem through designation of reserved spaces, the governing municipality would not have acquiesced on the signage restrictions. After talking to the landlord about a lease extension, we then had enough time for site selection, contract negotiations and actual construction of the new (future) suite.

Our goal for the project was to secure a new location in close proximity to the existing office and transportation corridors, adding patient parking and prominent signage. Further, the client did not want to increase the budget for monthly rent.

With the desire for prominent signage, we looked at both retail and office buildings. While there were many retail spaces available, it was decided that moving adjacent to a sandwich shop or nail salon would be a detraction from the professionalism and branding that the doctors had worked hard to establish.

Eventually we found a ground floor space in a Class “A” general office building with a landlord willing to provide us with the required parking and signage on the building (adjacent to national credit financial service firms). While we were the only medical users in the building, this worked to our benefit, as there was no parking compression as seen in the previous location.

The landlord was happy to have a good credit tenant with a positive reputation. Our client was happy with the accomplishment of their goals, including the one to not pay any additional rent per square foot.

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